Saturday, 19 November 2011

don't have a title

Flame stood and looked through the small hatch. He didn't know how he ended out in the middle of the sea, on a large rotted wooden boat. He looked at his wooden surroundings. It would have  been completely dark, if it was not for that hatch.
"Oh well", he muttered, slumping to the ground. He glanced at his waist to see if his weapons were there. They were'nt. "Didn't think so", he whispered. He clicked his fingers, trying to summon a spark. Nothing happened. "Thought so..."

Flame blinked back to conciuosness. He was flying. The plane noise was loud. He looked around quickly, trying to see anyone. Something hard and sharp pressed into his neck. He blacked out.

 He was in a cell, and and he knew exactly where.In the sanctuary. Flame was on the floor. It was hard and cold. Someone from the sanctuary had imprisoned him, but who. Flame put his hand in his pocket and grabbed his cell phone. The idiot who locked him up, wasn't  smart enough to take his phone. He had Crystal Darkflair on speed dial. He rang her. "Flame, this better be good." "Don't be so narky, How are you?" "You want something, don't you?" "Yep", he grinned. "Get on with it", Crystal sighed. "Well I'm in a cell in the sanctuary, could you get me?" he asked sweetly. "You are joking." "No, I am not. Cell 236." "I will kill you if you are messing,"Crystal said reluctantly "I'll be right there." Crystal appeared in a flurry of shadows. Flame grinned. She rolled her eyes. "Let's go." Shadows wrapped around the two of them and then they were outside the combat room that Flame had bought for him and his former apprentice Zorabose for them to train.


Zorabose looked up at the demon. It was scary sure, but it was weak. It had six eyes all the way around its head. It had too many arms to count, and was slimy and sick looking. She shuddered. The thing made a move. It launched all of it's arms at her swinging them crazily. She shrieked and tried to roll away. A tentacle type thing collided with her back. She was sent sprawling on her face.

 "Ooh, that's gonna leave a bruise MR. Monster." She muttered bitterly. "But this is going to a bigger one...." she saw it swinging again, " ON YOU!..." Zorabose rolled avoiding the tentacle, She hopped up and cursed. Flame took her gun off her during training. She was annoyed. The monster snarled. Zorabose was in the training room Flame had bought for them to combat and get better. Zorabose didn't know how that helped. The monster struck her, causing her to fly back and hit the wall. It was a stone wall, and it cracked on impact. The monster wasn't as weak as she had thought. "Ow...!", she groaned. She stood and a flame erupted in her hand. She turned it into a fireball and threw it eagerly at the monster. It screamed burning. It was like it was made of oil. It soon was engulfed and turned to ash in no time. Zorabose smiled happily. She walked out of the combat room, satisfied. She went and got her handbag. Zorabose looked up. She jumped when she saw Flame and Crystal.

 "Hey", she said not impressed. 
"C'mon", Flame said "We gotta go. Shadows warped out of the black crystal pendant around Crys' neck. They were gone...