Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I came up with this when I was half asleep. If you think it's any good I might carry on...

One for you, Two for me...

       I walked to my car. It was exactly where I'd left it. However there was someone reading a Kindle on the hood. He sat there like it was a park bench, not my car. He looked up as I got closer. He had sandy blonde hair and black eyes. He had high cheek bones and a square jaw. He was fairly handsome. He also had a silver stud in his hose. He put away his Kindle and got up. He held out his hand to shake. "Miss Lost, pleasure to meet you." I looked him up and down. Gold earring in his left ear. Un-tucked shirt, top button un-done. Black trousers and black All Star deck shoes. I then looked at his hand. I waved it away.
       "Who are you?" I cut straight to the chase, I had no time to waste. I had the package in my pocket and had around three minutes before the alarm bells would ring.
       "I knew you were one to cut straight to it but that was a little rude." His hand dropped to his side.
       "Who are you, I don't have time to waste." I glanced over my shoulder - nothing yet.
       "It is not who I am that matters, it is my employer." He opened the door of the passenger side of my car and offered it to me. My car. I got in and he got in a started the car.
       "Who are you?" I asked for the third time.
       "I am Detective Inspector Daniels and you've been arrested."

OK, this is part of a story about me - Lynxia Lost. I don't think this would be the start - somewhere around the beginning but not the beginning. Tell me what you think.

Lynxia x


  1. Ooooo... most interesting. Do continue, please! :)

  2. yeah keep going. i think it's cool

  3. Yeah that was awesome. I like doing a bit of story righting but I'm too embarresed to share them. But then again none of you know me so, what the hell have I got to lose. Time to do some posting!