Monday, 6 February 2012

It Spoke a Word by ATB

I came up with this literally today, but had been mulling over the first paragraph or two for a couple of days. Enjoy. (Oh, and it's saved to my computer as proof it is mine. Not that I don't trust you guys, but I'm paranoid about people stealing my stuff. Thank you for your understanding. Happy Blogging.)

I know it's shorter than my Stephanie/ Val story but it is what it is. Now if you excuse me, I must shower and trim these darn long fingernails.

Happy Blogging and Story Telling! :)

It spoke a word so beautiful and authoritative that obedience could not be denied. The word resonated throughout the chamber like a live thing seeking an exit, steadily dissipating as it fled down the corridor behind me.


I shivered as it struck me, a shudder of awe, fear, and above all reverence. I followed the command without hesitation, neither rushing forward nor dawdling in the moment. Each step brought me closer and my breath shuddered in and out of my lungs, the air turning frosty white with each exhale. Its presence far belittled my own and its breath overpowered mine as it inhaled deeply into the huge reserves of its lungs and expelled that same breath with a slow grace.

I reached the foot of the stone dais and stopped. Its breath surrounded me and chased away the cold, the warm tendrils toying with my hair and clothes. Our eyes locked for a moment but I looked down hastily and lowered myself to my knees before it.

“Why have you come?” it questioned.

“To serve you,” I replied humbly.

“Why do you not look at me?”

“I cannot for I am not worthy to look upon you.”

Its breath surrounded me again and warmed my body. I breathed it in. It was sweet like roses.

It shifted its weight on its rocky throne and when it stepped down I thought the ground shook with its power.

“Do you come before me with idle words of flattery only, or do you have more to offer?”

“I-” My heart choked out my words with a heavy thud. My mind went blank. I was at a complete loss of words, taken off guard by the question. I made another attempt at speech but my words failed me again, my mouth moving but nothing else coming out. I held back the rising panic. The panic was alive inside and writhed in my stomach and up through my chest to my throat. I swallowed to keep it down. It pushed back with a vengeance. No, I begged. Not now. Please not now! I could feel its icy gaze as it stood expectantly, waiting for me to say something or do something other than kneel speechless before it.

I swallowed again harder, trying to pull my thoughts back together and organize them into words and those words into something that made sense, and the panic slammed through my defenses. I couldn’t hold it back at all. It just came up and out. My stomach emptied itself over the foot of the dais. Even once it was finished it tried a few more times to remove something but there was nothing left and I coughed at the bitter taste. I was mortified with myself and could only stare at my mess over the polished stones floor and steps of the dais. Another wave of nausea hit me and I closed my eyes against it and forced myself to breathe deep and slow.

I inhaled the sweet rosy breath and it calmed my mind and body. My mind cleared, I stood.

“I thought I was ready,” I said still not looking up at it though I could feel its steady gaze. “I was sure of it. That is why I came.”

It stepped closer, softer and less intimidating than before, more like a summer storm than a hurricane. Its gentle breath wafted around me like a warm blanket and offered peace and comfort.

“Your words are wise,” it agreed, “and true. Why did you come?”

“To follow you, but-” I stopped, not out of the hesitation of before, but in search of the right words.

“Yes?” it prodded.

“I am not ready yet to follow until I fully understand what I am following and why.” I looked up into its eyes, now straight in front of me. Our eyes locked again, but I held the gaze this time.

“Go then,” it told me, “and return when you understand.”

It spoke a word so beautiful and authoritative that obedience could not be denied. I followed the word down the corridor as it leapt from wall to empty wall. A word as profound and commanding as the first uttered. I held it to me and locked it to my memory to hold and keep.



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