Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ok so I'm really confused lately.

Ok you get it?? I'm confused. Why do people keep posting so fast??? Ahhh. Ok. And Miles I will add you soon. I'm not sure who you are but I'll add you. Hmm. Yeah. So ok. I'll do that tomorrow. - Flame. P.s I'm making two people administrators to this blog so they can manage it too. So first two members, you got the jobs.


  1. MEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMMEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hm? What's this? Have I missed my chance?


    Also, here's another person who wants to join. It's Who Me? I'm Nobody. He wants to join.

    1. Thanks for putting my email up, for some reason i can comment again

  4. But you have to call him Nobody.
    And I am also confused. For the stories that go on here, can they not be Skulduggery related? Because if it can't then I'm going to be editing mine forever! Eve would know...

  5. Yeah. I don't think it really matters. I mean, people have done stories Skulduggery-related and some have done Otherwise.

  6. Hey, i can comment for some reason

    I am awesome at wrting (ask anyone) I wrote a pretty good story in under fiveteen minutes, and i must MEET THE GOLDEN GOD! i will help greatly. LET ME JOIN!

    ps I see eve put my email, great. Let me join. I'll keep nagging you until i can.

  7. Dan jumped of the bus, hit the ground with his palms in an attempt to come up in a roll, and ended up sprawled on the middle of the road. The bus swerved and hit a shop. Dan pulled out his second rate handgun and aimed it at the bus, trying to stop his hand from trembling. And then finally, something climbed out of the broken windscreen. It used to be a person. But now it was just a dead thing, fuelled by the need to kill, and directed by someone who wanted him dead. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone? All he wanted was to be alone. He fired the handgun the times. Only one found its mark. The bullet buried itself in the things brain, but it didn’t need a brain. The thing stumbled forward.
    God, he hated zombies
    It stumbled towards him. The huge piece of glass in its leg slowed it down. Dan considered running. He might make it. The thing was big, but slow and stupid. Then again, zombies weren’t known for giving up. They were known for tearing apart their victims. Dan made a decision. He ran... towards the zombie. He attempted a roundhouse kick, but instead of the thing falling, deafened, injured, it simply grabbed his leg and pulled him over. If Dan had been a fighter, he could have kept his balance. But he wasn’t a fighter. He was a weakling, wanted dead for pathetic reasons. Something about spitting in a guys hamburger.
    “Please,” he whispered, as it leant over him. “Don’t.”
    It grinned, a rotten grin. It was properly told to do that by whoever sent. After it was finished grinning, it reached down with two huge hands, and crushed Dan’s head.

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  9. Email is
    I'm gonna keep nagging until i get in

  10. Why don't you just wait? I'm sure [whatever he is called now] won't mind you joining...unless you keep nagging of course.

  11. Flame, can I - hang on, I've already cot the e-mail! Yay!
    Except you haven't set me as admin. yet...

  12. Phoenix or whatever you want to be called, it's been more than two days...*whistles*...