Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Delaying Tactic

Mahogany Reen looked her enemy in the eye and said, “We meet again... uh... Sorry, I never got your name. It was Sonny something, right?”

The woman glared. “You’re a moron.”

“You flatterer.”

“When I take over the world” the sorcerer said. “You’ll be the first to die. The first to burn.”

“Sorry, sweetie, that’s not going to happen. Many people, much more experienced than you – no offense – have tried to take over the world or even end it, and do you know what happened to them?”

The woman said nothing.

Mahogany leaned in, like it was a secret, mocking. Her voice was no more than a breath. “They died.”

The woman laughed. “You act like I’m the child.”

Mahogany heard a car slowing down then stopping in front in front of the house they were in. “Define ‘child’. I may be eternally young“- she flipped her brown hair – “but I’m not that young. Must be something about my maturity or something, right? Lots of people have been complaining about that.”

“That’s what I hate about you ‘good guys’” the woman said. “You think that no matter how much you mock, and make snarky remarks, everything’s going to work itself out in the end. It’s time to open up your pretty green eyes, little girl. The world is about to change. There will be a time when the worthy will reach their full potential and the weak will perish below them. That time is nearing, girlie. And this time, luck is not on your side.” She sneered.

Mahogany stepped back, emotionally wounded. “You! You foul-minded, cruel-hearted, despicable beast! I have blue eyes!”

The woman glared, but before she could respond further, the door swung open, and Sanctuary agents came storming in before Mahogany had time to get away.

“Miss Reen” one of them said. “So you’ve considered our offer?”

Mahogany kept her scowl to herself. “I’m not joining you and your team, sir. I’m still on that no-violence diet, as you keep calling it...”

The agent laughed. “Ah, yes. When did you stop all the punching again?”

“I never started.”

“Mm. Thank you for delaying this woman. We are grateful, but we are perfectly capable of capturing a criminal without help, thank you very much.” She nodded in response, and heard the woman behind her being shackled. The man hesitated, then said, “This is a dangerous world we live in, Miss Reen. Something is coming, and when it arrives, you’re going to have to be ready.”

Mahogany said nothing.
Eve, South Australia

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