Monday, 16 January 2012

A slight debrief.

*glares at everyone* Hmph. Now as I can see you are all trying to outdo eachother. *cough* Stop it *points at no one in particular* Sparky, Shadow. *cough* NOW.. Lemme see. Everyone will get a chance. It's only for fun to see if we can get an advance. Please submit more stories or something. Shadow *cough* Again I would lie to point out that I haven't been pointing anyone out but *cough* Please post something other people who haven't posted as I'm eager to read some writing. Now I have to give you the imaginary fiends proulouge and chapter 1? yes, yes I do. Well my internet is broken and I'm at my local restaurant, which as free wifi, and I'm on my iPod under the table waiting for food. So yes, CARRY ON. ~SOAR HiGH, FLY LOW, WRITE LIKE A lUNATIC. - Flame P.S I'm changing black to Flane Phoenix, once again *smiles* I'm stubborn.


  1. Nix Willows, I have been told that to join I need to give YOU my email adress. Here it is:
    What do I need to do now?
    You need to read this by the way.