Wednesday, 11 January 2012


And I don't mean screaming and shouting, even though that is by far one of the most fun ways, and I don't mean waving or something until he looks our way, because as far as we know, HE CAN'T SEE US.

We need to post links to THIS blog consistently, do you understand? Here are some ways that could work:

-Every time there's a new post, and if you're on the first page, post a very noticeable comment that has one or more links directly here. The first page is the easiest to see for Derek. The closer to the top, the better.

-If Derek comes on and posts a comment and you happen to be around, post a comment close to his, because he's also likely to see it.

-Get OTHER people to post a link to it. Get everyone you can. If they post a link, chances are, they'll get someone else to, and that someone else will get a someone else-else, etc.

-GET MORE FOLLOWERS! By looking at the followers so far, we don't have very many. We need more to catch Derek's attention. We'll seem a little more capable if we can get more people. Not to mention that followers can help with the thing before this one.

And if you think of something else, that's dandy, and try to use it. These are just what I could think of in the last few minutes.

We also need to start scheming to think of a way for those of us who haven't to meet the Great Derek Landy. So far, there hasn't been many ideas on how. Kidnapping, unfortunately, is out of the options. I think that we really need to get him to countries he hasn't come to for book signings yet. *cough AMERICA cough*

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