Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Sworn : Skye Stone

The hilltop was alive with the firelight; the huge bonfire illuminated the very souls of the people, The Seven, who sat hand in hand around it. It was approaching the witching hour on a gloomy Samhain night. The forest that surrounded the hill was alive with anticipation. They sat calm in wait; one however, was rooted to the spot through fear. Her name was Skye. Her hair was white as snow but her eyes were black as coals. Her hair was layered short framing her face, her eyes were large and to most she looked an innocent kitten, but Skye was a Sworn.

Sworn were an elite group of soldiers who killed and hunted daemons in all worlds. They fought the very essence of evil on a daily basis yet, here sat Skye paralysed by fear. She had a feeling – no more than that – a persistent, gut-wrenching instinct that this wasn’t going to go according to plan. She glanced quickly around at all members of the circle; their eyes were boring into the flames except Melanie’s which were boring a hole through Skye’s face. Melanie broke eye contact as the clock chimed, Skye noticed the twisted up corners of her mouth which formed a malevolent smile rather than the grim line everyone else’s face wore.

The fire became enormous filling the night; in perfect unison everyone stuck their right hand into the flame. The fire turned blue. Blue was very, very bad. The seven faces were filled with shock and horror then an ear piercing scream shattered everything. Out of the ominous flame stepped a magical creature, an evil creature. The giant centaur-like beast was thrashing wildly in the centre soon it got its bearings and then it began to gallop around the circle. Skye’s mind raced, the circle kept them safe so long as they were intact, so long as no one moved nothing would happen as breaking a circle is almost impossible. The only person who could even think of breaking the circle was – “Melanie! NO!” the light faded the circle broke and the world erupted into chaos.
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