Thursday, 26 January 2012

Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head, Chapter 1, Part 1 - A Plan...


       The board room was covered in maps and red lines. Tech Kloud was going over something but Clare Thorn was not listening. Her eyes strayed to the ceiling. It was full of elaborate designs and mosaics. In one a handsome man was defeating a red devil. She wished this would really happen for them, to be able to find and destroy the ominous Lady Cressentina. It had been six months since they had faced Lyle and heard his puppet masters voice. Someone shook her shoulder and she looked at Jonathan Tempestas and his yellow hawk-like eyes. "Hmm?" she said looking around to see they were all looking at her.
       "What do you think about the possibility of London?" Tech said looking over the top of some notes which he had picked up off the table.
       "Oh, erm..." she looked at the notes begging for something to say. She saw it - just a snippet - but it was relevant. "No, I mean look at this." she passed around the piece of paper around and there were muttered agreements. Tech looked older like he had aged six years in six months. He had started working out and had become a strong leader, nothing like the shy man she once knew.
       "Yes, I guess this shows she could be in New York but then again, she could be in most cities." Tech said. Everyone nodded, including Clare.
       "She had an English accent but I couldn't place it." Jon said beside her. She knew this to be true, even though this made her look stupid.
       "So," Tech said, standing up "We go to London."
       "Does anyone have contacts in London?" asked Leona Dantwith, a captain in The Alliance.
       "I do." said a normally quiet girl, aged around nineteen putting her hand up. Although she was cute she was powerful and not afraid to use it. "I hope you don't mind criminals." she said, blushing underneath her black hair.

So.... Like? I'm carrying on with The Wilting Rose but this is what I've drawn up of this so far. It's the sequel to Blood and Water. Robin - NO YOU CAN'T HAVE MORE YET!!!

Lynxia x


  1. Grr. Now no one will read MY stories. :(

  2. I like this one. I like the whole fighting devils thing. :)

  3. *is in awe* Oh. My. God *dies*
    Why no more :(